Gail Witte, 500 RYT

Yoga & Movement Therapy


Gail Witte

Yoga and Movement therapy and YOU!!

Yoga and movement therapy is for every BODY, because this style of healing is Client-Centered.

The process of getting started is very easy. 

There is a short intake form, and in your first complementary assessment, we go through it.  This form is an organized and safe way for me to get to know you and what YOUR goals are.

From there I take a few days to create a yoga practice that includes breathing exercises, yoga poses, and relaxation techniques that will serve as tools for you to get closer to your goals.  

The frequency of our meeting depends on the goal/s and your motivation.  

As each practice becomes easier, and you get stronger, I change the practice to make it more challenging.

Goals may shift, your sense of your ability will change, and over time, your inner and outer strength will grow!

Yoga and Movement therapy is for everyone, every size, every age - because we meet each other where YOU ARE!

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