Gail Witte, 500 RYT

Yoga & Movement Therapy


Gail Witte

In 2007 I was invited to take a yoga class at our local community center.  I loved the poses and how strong and relaxed I felt afterward.  Since I was already a fitness instructor, it made sense that I should certify to teach these wonderful "moves."

Little did I know how much yoga would change my life.

I'm not unique in saying that Yoga has enhanced my experience in this lifetime in a multitude of ways.

 The breathing techniques, the deep relaxation practices, the focus that meditation has afforded me are just a few aspects of my yoga practice that brings me to a place of love, joy and healing.

Now, I'm very proud to say that I am a....

Yoga and Movement Therapist

My practice is client centered, meeting you where you are, accepting you as you come.

You will receive the tools and practices that will empower your healing and elevate your life. 

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