Gail Witte

 500 RYT, C-IAYT

Yoga & Movement Therapy
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Gail Witte

About Me:

Pro-nouns: She Her Hers

I am passionate about giving my students and clients an opportunity to come to a calm, thoughtful, and safe place to explore healing through movement and talk.  My journey to becoming a Yoga Therapist has been one of deep self-healing and profound realization of who I am and what I want to accomplish in this life.  I strive to be a solid partner to my husband, to be a comforting resource of love and knowledge to my children, and an asset and friend to my community.  I’ve found Yoga to be the spiritual path that gave me the tools to uncover that, which is pretty awesome since I was a wreck of a 20 something!!  These days I wake up grateful for my family and my work, content with my path and eager to use it to help those who need to be met where they are, with unconditional positive regard.


In the early 2007 I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training in Washington, D.C.  at the 200 hour level.  At that time I was doing it to add it to my fitness resume.  I was already teaching loads of styles of classes and this would be great to add to the list!  *Little did I know…*  I was in my early 20s and I was suffering from severe anxiety caused by poor lifestyle choices.  I had no idea.  Still, there I was, a Yoga Instructor.  I worked at gyms because deep down I didn’t believe that I was a convincing teacher considering my partying lifestyle, so a studio would never have accepted me…  I don’t know if that was true, and I wish I had seen was is so obvious now.  Still, I never quit teaching because I loved practicing yoga and teaching it.  And the lifestyle was always whispering in my ear. 

Fast forward to my 35th year, now I’m living in Upstate New York and I have an opportunity to work with Lauren Toolin, a profound teacher, on the next level of teacher training, 340 hours.  I quickly realized that although this is exactly what I wanted, I also realized how much inner work I had to do.  And it was excruciating.  Still, I got through it.  And then went back and re-did my first level training with Lauren because she sparked a dedication to myself and my practice that was undeniable.  And lastly, A Yoga Therapy school, Spanda Yoga, found its way into my life.  Over a year and a half I learned with Dr. Jaime Stover Schmitt, the fine art of applying yoga, psychology, movement, and more into one world. 

I am a profoundly different person after fourteen years of learning.  Grounded and grateful, I’m enjoying building this practice and working with wonderfully open people.


My Why:

I strive to provide a space where clients feel the benefit of yoga as Therapy.  I had my own life-changing experience with this work, and the opportunity to share that is not a job, it’s a gift.

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