What does movement look like for YOU?

I've known folks in my life that had some hard and fast RULES about movement - they had to SWEAT and feel totally exhausted to feel that they accomplished a great workout. As for me, I've never been that attached to such a workout, but I did feel judged by those who looked at me and thought (I assumed, but could very well have been wrong) "Look at Gail, she could have worked out harder."⁠

Then I found Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, that quite firmly teaches us that exercise should bring a bit of sweat, but it is not necessary to "leave it all on the mat." As I learned to believe and embody this style of exercise, I felt relieved. As a teacher of movement, it softened me. And best of all, I learned to see that each individual needs to find THEIR movement, and then they'll find their friends who share that movement.⁠

Take a moment to think about what MOVES you? If this is a still a major question in your life, please schedule a complementary conversation on ways to bring movement into your life in a way that brings you joy!

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