The benefits of Effort

It's one of the saddest truths of my life, that I cannot fix other people's problems, or even live their lives for them. In my advanced yoga teacher trainings I've learned to see people and their pain on a deeper level. Eventually I learned to separate myself from other people's pain, but in those early days I FELT their pain, in my own way. In the years since, I have learned to embody the practices and life choices that I want so badly for my friends, family, clients, the world at large, to take on. As I desired effort from others, I began to demand it of myself. Spiritual Obedience, coined by my friend Gaia, a woman who is, in fact, the closest we'll get to knowing Mother Earth in human form. Its not easy, and I have some big obstacles I'm chipping away at, but I've learned to crave effort as a way to dissolve my discomfort and pain. Here is a list of my TOP THREE benefits of putting in some work.

  1. Boosts Self Esteem.

  2. Creates Space for rest.

  3. Cultivates Energy.

Take a moment to consider a habit that really has a hold on you. What would it take to start shaking things up to see changes? Keep an eye out for an upcoming workshop all about Effortful Selfcare.

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