From office chair to Chair Pose: Five benefits of sitting in an imaginary chair

Lately I've been pretty focused on growing my business, which has be seated at my desk and tapping away on the laptop. While I'm very excited about the work I'm doing, my butt is growing numb. I'm a mover, an aerobics instructor, a walker, a kid chaser - so all of this sitting has brought my attention to the decrease in tone and flexibility in my lower body.


Here's a easy list of why getting out of your office chair and into Chair pose several times could benefit your overall posture and strength:

  1. Strengthens the thighs and ankles

  2. Tones the shoulders, butt, hips and back

  3. Stretches the Achilles tendons and shins (helpful for flat feet!!)

  4. Stretches the shoulders and chest

  5. Tones the digestive organs and the heart

What a list!!! Check out my website for a short chair sequence!!

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