Why Yoga for Divorce?

It started as an assignment for my Spanda® yoga and movement therapy certification. Create a course with goals and objectives. Create content. Freak out!! Calm down, get creative. After a few drafts and ideas, I landed on Yoga to cope with the stress of Divorce. Over several more drafts, conversations with friends who've gone through divorce, and chats with my teacher, I refined my offerings as "Yoga for divorce; creating a new sense of self worth and greater confidence."

Yesterday I spoke with another of my teachers who asked - why yoga for divorce? It was a well timed question because I have been pondering this myself lately. Why AM I doing this when I haven't gone through it myself? I can say that after 13 years of marriage, my husband and I are as solid as we've ever been. I attribute the positive quality of my marriage, as well as other relationships in my life, to my yoga practice and my study of yogic texts. Learning to be compassionate with myself has led me to be compassionate to others. And this leads me to my why... my childhood was defined by divorce, break ups, and remarriage. I am a child of divorce, even at the age of 39.

The truth is, even though they weren't MY breakups, I was effected. There were lots of moves, tears, fears, resentment. There was also a lot of love between my parents and me, and, thankfully, my parents are able to be in the same room and be respectful of each other and any new partners that came along. So, although I had a lot of healing to do, I do feel as though I was in a good place to start due to the goodwill that everyone wanted to express and feel in return.

Those early years of seeing the pain and recovery, along with a natural sense of psychology and how to see the deeper problems, set me up to be in a position of understanding without putting myself in the mix. The problems were my parent's, and as an adult I understand that on a deep level. I was not the problem, nor was I the solution. I was the witness.

I think that is an important aspect of my offerings. I'm holding space for introspection and growth through the healing practices of yoga. I am the container, the teacher. It's the student's space to move through feeling supported. It is my honor to be able to listen and provide constructive feedback in a safe environment. And it is my job to steer my students towards positive growth while letting go of, and leaving behind, attachments to resentment and the negative talk that can come so easily in a difficult break up.

Yoga for Divorce will be a community builder. We will grow together. The students will heal and I will learn along the way. I look forward to sharing more as the days go by.

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