The chaos that leads to calm

I woke up worried today. Anxious. The not-knowing, all of questions hanging in the air about the future. I got lost in the thinking, the doubt and the fear.

And then my practice kicked in. All the work I have put into my Yoga Practice bubbled up and I formed a plan.

First, no caffeine. I'm already feeling nervous, no need to add to the stress.

Second, write. Automatic writing for three pages.

Third, move. Lightly, with the intention of nurturing and moving anxiety out to make room for calm.

Finally, sit. I did my japa practice, feeling every bead and recitation of my mantra. I breathed, in through the left nostril, out through the right to calm the sun and bring out the moon.

When I used to think of meditation, I saw someone who was serene all of the time.

Through self study and study of myself, I see reality now. I am in human form. I feel deeply and care very much about my work in this world. It's easy for me to be hard on myself, so I sit. I do the work to calm myself, diminish fear and amplify calm in order to find peace and enjoyment of my time here on earth,

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