VIBE HIGH in the new year!

The Holiday season is upon us and it can stir up some major feels.

From loss to loneliness, the happiest time of year can feel overwhelming. This can lead to experiencing the blues or even depression.

Even those that thrive in the Holiday Season can feel somewhat depleted when the holidays are over.

I experienced a bout of the blues a few weeks ago, and when I finally tired of the relentless negative thoughts, I reminded myself that I am yoga therapist with a lot of tools to help myself. I decided to start a list, 108 ways to VIBE HIGH - a phrase that one of my favorite podcasters, Karen Kilgariff, used in her podcast My Favorite Murder.

Here are the first few that I came up with, easy to tap into and a quick way to reset a negative thought stream.

  1. Recognize the thoughts as thoughts. Our thoughts are not always real or true. So ask yourself - is that true?

  2. Put the thought on a piece of paper. Write it out. The intention here is to disempower the thought by seeing the words written down.

  3. Then throw it away. Rip it up. Burn it (SAFELY!) And then pause. It's likely that the thought will come back. And when it does, mentally go back to the moment of throwing/ripping/burning (SAFELY!) and go through the ceremony again in your mind. The more you practice this, the easier it gets.

"VIBE HIGH, Yoga Tools and techniques to increase our inner resource of happiness," is a project that I am working on and will have a live class component coming in the new year!!! Keep an eye for dates and links, soon to come!!

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