Therapy for the Therapist

I believe most people know that therapists have therapists. It would make sense that folks in the industry see the value of their work and would pursue the knowledge and expertise of their peers when they need an objective peek into their inner workings.

And still, I was suddenly surprised when I realized that the whole time I was in school for yoga therapy, I was using everything I learned on myself! I used that year and half of learning how to apply yoga and movement in a therapeutic way to let go of some big attachments I had, to unlearn some destructive habits, and to relearn how to live vibrantly.

At first glance I was disappointed that I hadn't shown up ready to be the therapist, as though somehow my need to use the healing on myself first was me failing in my previous teacher trainings. And then I read "The Body Keeps the Score," in which Bessel van der Kolk teaches us that it is totally appropriate for us to know if our therapist has experienced the treatment they are practicing. Side Bar: That is where the questions should end - anything past that turns into prying.

So, I've come full circle. I now am very proud to tell anyone who'll listen about my time practicing my own therapy on myself. It was an important time in my life and it has left me able to be more empathetic towards my clients. And I can say that this stuff works, not just because I've seen the results, but because I've been through the process, and I held a few hands going through it.

If you're in need of a hand, I'm reaching out.

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