Taking Up Space

A few months ago I ran a small group of Yoga for Divorce. In the first class I taught a simple meditation and took the practice on myself, as a way to feel more connected to the ladies I was working with. Early on, I had a sudden image of myself getting bigger with each repetition of the mantra. With every breath I took up more space. It was as if that space was there for me this whole time, and I'm finally growing into it. As many of you know, meditation and visualization lead to manifestation and I'm excited to announce that I'm now taking space at Good Karma Yoga studio, here in Colonie. My very fist office!! Taking this space, creating the office that I envisioned through a tableau, fills me with such joy. I now have a dedicated space for my yoga and movement therapy, and I look forward to sharing it with you. Until then, here are a few tips on setting up for a fulfilling meditation

  • create a comfortable seat, in either a straight back chair, or on a cushion, legs gently crossed.

  • Take a moment to take a few deep, purposeful breaths.

  • Systematically relax the body, from head to feet.

  • Pick a phrase or image to anchor the mind, and come back to when you notice your mind wandering

  • Be easy and kind to yourself - meditation time is a time to cultivate a nurturing and nourishing relationship with your Self.

I hope these tips inspire you to take a seat and create friendship with meditation. If you would like help building your meditation practice, please reach out, I'm holding space for you.

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