Springtime Set Up!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! For me, this holiday represents the start of changing of the seasons.

Spring officially starts this Sunday, March 20th. And to launch us into a great Spring Season, I'll be hosting a workshop on Yoga's sister science - Ayurveda. Ah-Yur-Vayda translates to "The Science of Life," and is a robust medical system that emphasizes prevention and attention.

Below find a few fun facts about the qualities of Springtime, as well as a few things to reduce and a few things in introduce. My source is a GREAT book by Kate O'Donnell called "The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook; a seasonal guide to eating and living well." Kate has several books that teach us how to live in tune with the natural cycles of life. She's also very active online and gives some fun online live classes! I'll link the amazon page for her book below, but if you have a small book shop that you support, I'll bet they can help you out! (In fact, if you do, please let me know and I'll check them out!)

We'll start with some basic Spring time qualities. When you start to notice the different qualities of the different seasons you might start seeing them in yourselves!

  • Springtime is represented by the Earth and Water elements

  • The Springtime Feels: Heavy, Cool, Damp, Slow, Cloudy, Sticky, Stable

Qualities to Introduce:

  • Mobility - get moving!

  • Warming - warm lemon water in the morning!

  • Light - Think lighter meals :)

Qualities to Reduce:

  • Static (sitting around)

  • Heavy

  • Cold

Before you charge ahead with a spring cleanse, take inventory of where you are right now. What are you bringing with you from this past winter. Which experiences made happy memories, and which are we going to offer up to the fire of change?

Please consider joining me this Sunday at the Good Karma Yoga Studio in Colonie for a workshop on Ayurveda, and how some simple shifts can help you get the most out of the shifting seasons!

Here's the Link to the Amazon page for Kate O'Donnell's Book!


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