RIP Stephen

My friend died last Saturday. We worked together at a mental health facility more than a decade ago. We stayed in touch through Facebook. I watched the posts when his son was born. I loved seeing his love note posts to his wife. How he posted the anniversary of their first date, and how that date changed his life. How he found his life partner. And now I am reading posts on how his friends miss him so much. How they are hoping he is happy where is he now.

I am writing this to remember that he was the embodiment of love. He was so enthusiastic about his relationships. His family, his friends. We worked together on his hips. He never let me forget how much those sessions helped him.

He also expressed deep sadness at the memory of his own father dying at a young age, and now I think of his young boy doing the same.

Stephen was a good guy. He reminded me to have FUN!

And he was also a dedicated Music Therapist and an accomplished musician.

I'm always shocked at how fast we go from present to past.

So, I have a different reality than I did twelve hours ago.

RIP my dear friend.



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