Play, exploring what's possible

Over the weekend I found myself immersed back into the course curriculum of my yoga therapy school. It was like a warm hug, moving out of the marketing side of business and back into full on Yoga Therapy!! And I was happily reminded that this work is about exploration and play. Our bodies, our lives, are a laboratory in which we have the opportunity to run experiments.

At times life will take over the lab and send us tests that test our resolve. Play might look like finding ways to get through pain and end up standing straight on the other side.

In this lab there is no good or bad, only facts that lead us to more questions, more experiments, different forms of play.

This is Yoga and movement therapy.

An opportunity to examine your life from a judgement free perspective and with the goal of making the world more accessible to YOU, from YOUR perspective.

If finding answers has had you feeling down, judged, or in anyway unattainable, please reach out for an enlightened perspective on what ails you.

Watch the video below for more information on how important play is for adults (the first 11 min is plenty, if pressed for time ;)

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