It starts with Why

This summer has me all kinds of confused!! For the last six months I've organized myself around the children's school schedule, which afforded me six solid hours a day, five days a week, to work on and in my Yoga Therapy business. As the summer was approaching I could feel myself slipping back into my old mommy mentality of summer - do whatever, whenever. My routines, personal mental and physical practices, and planning has started to slip.

When this happens, as it has before, I go straight back to my why. Why did I start this in the first place?

In 2003 I was invited to my first yoga class at my local community center, and without realizing it, my life would forever be changed. This is what I experienced in those first few years of my life in Yoga:

  • Success

  • Strength

  • Community

  • A healthy lifestyle.

The first two are interwoven. I was a sloth of a child and school was very challenging for me. So, to feel that I was actually good at something, something that would tone and shape my body into something I loved, was nothing short of a miracle.

The community aspect of yoga was also very important. I was feeling quite lost in my early 20s, even into my early thirties. Yoga classes, teacher trainings, and other fun yoga gatherings gave me community.

And the healthy lifestyle is both a physical and mental one. I felt shame for a long time, shame around my eating and drinking habits. Through my yoga practice, I have learned to love myself, even the parts of me that I felt were flawed.

What a gift, the act of self love. And now I pass on these lessons to my students and my clients.

If any of this resonated with you, and you'd like to explore how yoga could expand and elevate your life, please reach out - email me at

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