It's my Birthday!!

41 and feeling GOOOOOD!! I was blessed with a phone call on my birthday from my friend, Tamar, a friend of THIRTY SIX YEARS!! She said "You're the only person who thinks of birthdays the way I do - I love getting older!" - to which I replied "I know! ME TOO!!" I am grateful for each year. I am also blessed with an abundance of love and friendship.

In the spirit of celebrating another year, I am hosting a giveaway!!

Three people will win THREE private yoga sessions for the price of ONE!

To enter, respond to this email with your top three goals for the new year. And they don't have to be strictly around the physical body! Maybe you'd like to start some healthy morning habits. Maybe you want to bring meditation into your life. What ever it is I would like to support YOU!!

Cheers to a new year and new beginnings!!!

PS - please encourage your friends to participate - they just need to sign up for the news letter/blogpost!!

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