Growing up at 39

I've always considered myself a late bloomer. And I've always been comfortable with that. It's pretty on-brand for my constitution, looking at it from and Ayurvedic (Ah-yur-vadic - the sister science to yoga) perspective. I'm heavy on the earth element, which means I like cozy creature comforts and if I'm comfortable, I see little reason for change. But, change always finds me, whether I'm going willingly or not.

So it was, at the tender age of 39, married with two kids, that I finally was forced to really grow up in the face of the pandemic. Up until this global shut down I was piddling around with my yoga as a business, fitting in classes at gyms and rec centers, wishing I had clients, but never really committing. I used my kids as an excuse. And when it hit the fan, that excuse turned into reality. My husband is a grocer and was going out everyday to support our family and the employees at his store. In that moment, I saw that I had everything I could ever need, or want!! My ONLY job on this earth was to create peace in the home, and support my husband and kids. Basically, I finally got over my own S**t.

With that clarity came freedom. That constant longing for something more with out ever doing anything about it was holding me back. Once I saw that I really was totally taken care of, a sense of fulfillment automatically came over me. I do give credit to the fact that I was also in school becoming a yoga therapist at the time, so I had many brilliant budding therapists on call to speak with.

Now here I sit, in my beautiful, cozy office in the Good Karma Yoga Studio, a mere stone's throw from my house. Next Saturday, here at Good Karma, I'll be teaching a workshop on how yoga supports through life changes. Some life changes are great - finding love, finding your pet, kids - but some are hard. Join us and learn some essential tools that help carry us through hard times.

And, as always, please feel free to reach out and talk about how yoga and movement therapy can help you find your fulfillment.

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