Blocks, Straps and Blankets - oh MY!!!

A theme that has emerged from the work I've been doing over the past few years, both professionally and personally, has been around creating what I need, for myself. Power is creation, therefor, if I create for myself, I am empowered.

So how do we create a support system for our physical Yoga practice?

By using PROPS!!!!!! Blocks, Straps and Blankets - oh MY!!! And don't forget the FOLDING CHAIR!! This last one happens to be my new favorite prop. Of course, with a little creativity you most certainly could find alternatives to the store bought props. For Instance:

  • A block = a Large text book/stack of books

  • A strap = a tie, or Robe rope

  • A Blanket = A stiff couch pillow

The big takeaway here is this:

Asana, or yoga poses, are meant to be challenging, they should NOT cause struggle.

By adding a prop under your heels, your seat, or hand, you give yourself the chance to fully inhabit the pose as it should be felt.

On January 30th I'll be hosting a Yoga Nidra class online. The props you would gather for this class is a cozy blanket to cover yourself with, a neck support, and maybe even a blanket to put under your knees. After very light movement you'll be snuggling in for a guided deep meditation!! Look out for a Facebook Live video explaining more about what Yoga Nidra is!!

Go like the page!

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