A few thoughts

I'm really looking forward to the 2022. I have themes for the months ahead - Spoiler Alert! January is going to be about REST!! I have plans for workshops (see below). I'm growing my senior classes and one on one clients (Gift your mom a few sessions!). And I've joined a community of small business owners in a BNI chapter. The support that I've gotten this year has been amazing, so thank YOU!!

As we close out the year I'd like to leave you with a few thoughts

  • Done is Better than Perfect (thanks for the reminder Andrea!)

  • Prioritize rest - keep an eye out for more tips in January

  • Keep this question close - Is that True? When negative thoughts arise, ask yourself this, and don't be TOO quick to answer.

  • Lastly, stay curious and maintain a healthy faith in creativity.

I'll be teaching a workshop I call Vibing High in the New Year - its about letting go of thoughts that are holding you back and practicing some movement and meditation that will promote positivity!!

Other Workshops that are coming up are Yoga for Divorce and Yoga; coping with the stress of fertility treatments.


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