Before having a 1:1 yoga therapy session you will fill out a confidential questionnaire so that the Yoga Therapist has an overview of your health history, past yoga experience, goals, challenges, lifestyle, etc. The yogic tools that are chosen for you in your session depend on your needs.

In a private session, there is always some form of a “check in,” (which may include a body scan meditation) in which you are able to observe the body and mind in the present moment. Your needs that day determine the flow of the session. Yoga therapy sessions look very different from one client to another.


The Yoga Therapists supports you in your unique journey of healing. 

Depending on your specific goals and needs, yoga therapy sessions can include any of these tools:

  • Yoga posture (asana)

  • Breath control (pranayama)

  • Meditation & mindfulness techniques

  • Functional strength training 

  • Stretch assists and range of motion exercises

  • Posture awareness 

  • Somatic movement (slow, meditative movement that trains the body to move in a more functional way)

  • Journaling or self-reflection exercises

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Mantra or affirmation

  • Assistance in creating a home yoga practice 

  • Awareness of holistic nutrition 

  • Vinyasa yoga (movement with breath)


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